Hotel Philips concept
Inspiration for city development program
To promote the Strijp-S (re)development project in the city of Eindhoven the director the vanAbbe Museum, Charles Esche, invited 12 people to present their 'vision' in march 2007. Together with my dear friend Willem Kars we created a fictional hotel, called Hotel Philips. The idea is based on the industrial heritage of Philips Electronics, the former owner and occupant op the Strijp-S area.
To redecorate the factories and by using Philips products form now and then together with historic promotional materials like the famous posters of Kalff, a unique hotel concept is created. Comparable to Hotel New York in Rotterdam which transformed from a shipping building into a hotel. Turning the area into a hotspot for leasure and culture. The Hotel Philips concept got rave reviews, but sadly it's still a dream.

The video of the original presentation can be found here:
Between 1:46 and 1:55.
The concept logo design, based on the former Philips logo.
In the concept, the former factory canteen, is refurbished and translated into a theme based hotel restaurant using the famous promotional posters of Louis Kalff, the lead designer of Philips.Electronics in the 50s.
The typical building form of Philips Electronics factories at Strijp-S creates dramatic and really distinctive hallways that emphasize the character of the hotel and the surrounding area.
To decorate the hotel rooms and the guest areas typical Philips products and memorabilia is used, Like the miniature Evoluon radio and original Philips gaming console, the Videopac.
And of course our quality aim is a 4 star hotel, logical for a company with this logo.
This former Philips building, named 'Veemgebouw' is ideally situated on the Strijp-S site for the hotel concept. In the past the Philips television studios where located in the building.
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