Superleague formula PSV race car design and helmetĀ 
In cooperation with Superleague Formula organization I designed the PSV Eindhoven look for the race car. And for the drivers Yelmer Buurman and Dominick Muermans their SF helmet design.
Yelmer Buurman in full action in our first Superleague Formula season. The strong graphiccally basedĀ  design really worked well on the car, even in the rain.
SF uses a showcar to demonstrate the coloring and design of the PSV car. A proud designer ;-)
Top view of the car, the translation of the sketch into the final paint job was successful indeed.
The car looks great on the grid!
For the racing driver of the second year, Dominick Muermans, a more radical design was created. The chequered flag theme in provincial coloring resulted in a striking helmet pattern.
The helmet is now in possession of, donated by the driver.
The PSV racing car was presentedĀ  to the fans on our fan day on the pitch. A prime spot!
Frontal look of the Superleague Formula racing car of PSV, bright on the green.
Each racing team was asked to make a photograph of the car close to the local landmark. For PSV that's the Evoluon in Eindhoven.
Presentation of this years car at the castle of the former Dutch Queen at Paleis Soestdijk. The girls enhance the car design, I can only smile.
Having after the race, despite the race outcome ;-)
The PSV racing car got a thrashing in Zolder from our quick racing driver Narain Karthikeyan from India. In Brands Hatch Narain finished first in the second heat this year.
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