Webdesign book creation
My publishing efforts lead to two books about Desktop Publishing and Web Design that I have written, and designed with illustrations of friends and former colleagues. The books have been published by Addison Wesley, later Pearson Education initially for the Dutch market. A whole generation of Dutch graphic and webdesigners learned the necessary skills from the 'Webdesign in de Praktijk' book.
The books have also been translated in English, German, Spanish and Korean and over 65.000 copies were printed and sold worldwide. In total 5 Dutch editions, 2 English, 2 German and two Korean editions were published. All work is created from 1996 to 2006. 

The cover design reflected the title: real-world webdesign. I created the 'real' hand in Poser and the digital hand is based on the Windows pointer.
A spread of the chapter about Flash design, in those days part of Macromedia.
The two column grid works like a dream and is very handy with all the instructional screendumps.
All the content for the instructional pages were either specifically created for the book...
The accompanying CD had a familiar style as the cover of the book.
On the book shelf the back of the webdesign book stood out (on top row ;-)
The cover of the second English edition, published in the US and UK. Published by Pearson Education. The premier edition was published by PeachPit Press from Berkeley, California.
The cover of the original German version of the webdesign book published by Addison-Wesley.
For the book 'fake' websites with fake products and services were created. A famous one was
For the book 'fake' websites with fake products and services were created like the cyburger. Another famous one was Hacker Tracker, software to detect a hacker. Also fake of course.
Even WAP-design, the design for mobile phones was adressed in the early editions of the webdesign book.
Graphics were drawn to illustrate the click paths through a website.
The original cover and illustration of the Dutch webdesign & HTML book was created by Sander Kessels, check out http://www.lollibomb.nl/
Me looking astonished in the Korean version of the webdesign book which was on sale in Seoel, South-Korea when I was there for a business trip with PSV Eindhoven.
The Amazon clients were happy with the book. The online sales were great through Amazon in the US.
The original English language book on sale at Amazon.com. The difference also on their webdesign.
An online 468 x 60 banner to promote the book sales of the original Dutch book, first edition.
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