Various webdesign and online projects 
Starting as a webdesigner end of 1994, I left Kothuis advertising agency and was acquired by Codim Interactive. For the I did numerous website design projects in the pioneering phase of the World Wide Web. From website design projects for the second largest newspaper Algemeen Dagblad, a broadcaster, the first e-commerce website in the Netherlands for books. In 1998 I switched to Philips Design in Eindhoven and worked on the Philips internet and intranet web design and e-commerce strategy including a global redesign program for their online presence. This went live in 2001 and was used until the 'Sense & Simplicity' campaign.
The Dutch newspaper Algemeen Dagblad asked Codim to design their very first web presence. The concept was based on quick scan of news and main sections of the printed newspaper translated to online medium.
The concept was used as a basis for a later development of
The amusement section of the Algemeen Dagblad website in '96.
The design of the homepage of in 2001 created by the Philips Design web team which I managed creatively. The content team was a mix of corporate entities like IT, Brand Management & communication departments of Philips Electronics.
  The main image area was used for promotions and relevant content for the visitor.
  The Philips homepage design could be tailored to present corporate communication issues in an invitating way.
The design of the division Semiconductors based on the global internet visual system. I also managed the account and the redesign project together with Trimm Interactive in Enschede.
The design and system development of the Philips global intranet was quite a job. The homepage of the intranet was used as an internal information source for the employees.
The intranet design reflected the corporate hierarchie and was mandatory for all intranet related projects.
   The guidelines website design of the Philips Intranet was kept clean and sober.
The web design for the VNU magazine Intermediair, set up as an interactive magazine.
Cosmos is an ambitious ICT company with a striking homepage planet illustration created in KPT Bryce.
At Codim Interactive I designed and managed the project for ECI, a popular Dutch bookstore.
My very first commercial Website design job was for Hollands Evangelical Broadcaster EO.
The website of Simac featured a unique idea, way back in 1996: follow the solo tour by boat of Henk de Velde through the website. 
For DAF Trucks, a global manufacturer of truckmobiles I designed and managed the website project.
   FEI, manufacturer of Electron Microscopes, is a former Philips subsidiary called Philips Electron Optics.
   To promote FEI's microscopes, 3D images were still used accompanied by red/green glasses.
The first Philips website was of Philips Electron Optics, nowadays known as 3D images and great microscopic pictures were used to promote the website, even during it's under construction period in may '95.
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