In 2016 I published as a pro bono open source nation branding proposal for Estonia. Next in 2018 it was formally accepted and adopted by Enterprise Estonia, the business and branding organisation for Estonia. And because of its open source nature, the EST-concept has also been implemented by many other Estonian marketeers, agencies and designers.
The rich set of examples shown here on this webpage are co-created by Estonian community of designers, fans and fanatics. Just three of all these EST use cases are designed by me*, showing the power of open source mentality in action. For comments, suggestions, EST-spotting, etc. you can contact me on:

Invest Estonia uses EST concept to the max in this article about their 30th anniversary
From the earliEST adopters, to the The smartEST investments powered by the bEST people.

Visit Estonia commissioned this EST-campaign aimed at German market during OktoberFest by creating the Estonian OktoberEst. And won Golden Egg award:

ComparEST is an Estonian online government tool to compare virtues of Estonian ecosystem to other countries. 

Great theme for the 2023 Latitude59 event

The theme of the Invest Estonia's presentation at Latitude59 was a muse like a digital forEST. 

Estonianworld publication organised an election debate edition of its ESTonishing Evenings event in Tallinn.

The newsletter of e-Estonia is called 'the digEST' and is shown here wit edition #26.

Kata Varblane of Estonian Investment Agency wearing the EST-branded personal wearable air purifier made by Respiray

Invest in Estonia launched a talk show called invEST insights

Digital Discussion on cybersecurity into the Estonian experience. Presentation with EST all over and done by Annett Numa. 

Estonishing soda water made from Estonian recycled Christmas trees from Saaremaa made by Lahhentagge.

EST made it to the cover of Life in Estonia magazine #2/2020 published by EAS with story about Education nation.

'Enjoying the safEST interactions' at Latitude59 startup event in Tallinn visitor face mask worn by Margot Roose on the left
Anett Numa, digital transformation adviser at E-Estonia wears het 'SafEST services are digital' face mask in true Eesti style!

EAS, Enterprise Estonia tourism board team started this Facebook profile picture campaign: safest at home. 

Safety protocol communication panels with safEST during Rally Estonia in 2021.

EAS, Enterprise Estonia, published this "Simply the EST" (the tagline created by Shardee Rebas) video, with EST standing out in bold typeface, for tourism promotion of Estonia.

Estonia is known and recognized worldwide as a successful and innovative e-state. uses EST for the Youtube campaign: 'For the smartEST people in the world. 

Martin Lazarev from Rio de Janeiro added these EST-series shirts and sweaters to focus on the Corona crisis.
The text reads 'Hands washed' on the left and 'Tested!' on the right: 

Tartu, the second-largest city of Estonia, is known as a smart city. Discussion on October 14th in the smartEST city.

To round up the year 2019 for Estonia I made a collage of all Estonishing achievements.*

In this collage an overview of the 2019 top Estonian achievements are represented.

Estonishing Stay hotel is totally on brand and in line with EST-concept. And obviously a great place to stay.

Social media and promotion campaign of Tallinn Airport using EST-concept.

The accompanying video made by Enterprise Estonia. 

JCI Estonia uses the EST-concept for the promotion of Global JCI conference in Tallinn with Facebook word frame.

  An ‘estonishing’ TED talk from The Netherlands. My proud TEDtalk about my pro bono nation branding adventure from start to finish I presented at TEDxSittardGeleen:

Enterprise Estonia Gallery: EAS opened an office in New York.

GreenEST Summit: the largest greentech event in the Nordic region, organised by Tehnopol.

JCI Team Estonia, Tallinn having fun in India with EST-concept used in their dresses.

In this video presentation the case of Estonia is presented in relation to general place branding and marketing theory and the city of Eindhoven inspiration case for EST-concept, Presented and filmed in Riga, Latvia 

Lift99 in Tallinn made this statement to support EST-concept and impact to Estonia.

The film documentary festival estdocs in Toronto, Canada

Samsung Estonia made various 'EST based' ads and live presentation during Tallinn Film Festival.
The Estonian start-up scene adopted the -est concept and played with it.
In new brand Estonia the 'est' concept is incorporated in the official toolbox.

On the website of Brand Estonia the 'est-concept' is officially listed with examples.

To bring the official Estonian brand to live, the EST-concept offers unlimited opportunities.               

Brand Estonia was created based on the principles of collaboration and co-creation as used for Eindhoven identity.

EAS brochure for Electronica fair 2018 in Messe München, Germany.

Multi-lingual presentations of Estonian digital state use EST-concept in their PowerPoint sheets. 

Official Estonian brand merchandising and gift bags.

Estonian sweetest honey as official gift from the busiest bees,

EV100 campaign promoting 100 years of Estonia. Implementation by All 100 EST ideas are here.

Freshest destination toothbrush as seen in uses est concept to promote their coffee.

Kalev chocolate manufacturer uses EST online in its English website homepage. 

Lantsh restaurant in Tallinn (Erika 14) uses EST for its healthiest lunch promo, 

Food truck promoting ESTonishing rhubarb.

Taste ESTonia: juicEST, freshEST, rawEST and even greenEST lemonade for Nordic business forum.

National airline of Estonia Nordica used EST for a consumer campaign.

Nordica also uses EST in a promotion at Tallinn Airport.

Radisson Blu Olumpia hotel chain created videos with its personnel using -est superlatives.
Estoria hotel group made a print and online campaign based on -est concept.

Swallow nEST Hotel in Tallinn uses EST in name and communication. 

FESTERA is a startup in waste management and sustainability:

FurnEST furniture company based in Tallinn, sales office in Helsinki.

Study in ESTonia using Latin language with est-concept meaning: "Knowledge is power".

ESTonian universities joint promotion display material based on EST.

Architecture magazine played with -est idea in headlines as did Postimees magazine.
The British Estonian Chamber of Commerce had 'our boldEST trade mission' as theme.
For MICE market promotion in Brussels the Estonian Convention Bureau chose as theme: Just Estonishing. created 'ESTonishing Evenings' to interact with international community of Estonia. Design by me.*

Design for the ESTcoin to create an individual style for tentative project of Estonian nation ICO.

Facebook website full of happy -est t-shirt wearers 
A selection of the 68 t-shirts with -est wordplay created by Martin Lazarev,

Even the label is designed for the merchandising available at the website

Happy Estonian dancers from Tartu wearing their specially created -est shirts.
The -est shirts are popular with young people in Estonia, the instagram page shows. 
Enterprise Estonia (EAS) created a tiESTo shirt as a gift for Dutch DJ Tiesto during Baltic Weekend festival.

Cora van Nieuwenhuizen Dutch Minister of Infrastructure and Water Management & former European parliament 
mentioned EST concept in meeting with Estonian minister Tõniste.

Team Estonia 100 year celebration in EST style at Arvamus event in Paide 2016.

Visit Tallinn tourism visitors office uses quESTions campaign to their fullest joy.

ESTonian pencils are available too as well as bags and beanies available at

During 2016 at Telliskivi a tEST pop-up gallery was created next to Pudel bar selling EST related merchandise.

Tattoos with -est related wordplay created by Standfold.

EST based shirts are created and worn, like Peter Vesterbacka promoting cooperation of Finland and Estonia.

For the wedding of child of Heli Raidve with appropriate shirts for the whole family.
Marmo Luik of Enterprise Estonia created the ESTonify editor.
Enterprise Estonia uses the 'est' idea for it's deepEST roots online and social media campaign.

Enterprise Estonia tourism campaign ESTonian Tryouts: the hidden Estonian in you.:

Enterprise Estonia tourism promotion at TourEST exhibition in Tallinn.

Estonishing Tours in Tallinn for personal transport.

Kolavoo Estonian singing and dancing festival in Amsterdam in 2017 AND 2018, Just ESTonishing.

The workinestonia website using est concept.

Promotion for Pakri industrial area to lure Tesla to Estonia using smartEST idea. Twitter page uses est concept too. 

Work in Estonia: greatEST tech hub in Europe! is dedicated to Estonian Forest, Environment and Smarter Economy! 

Estonian Cleantech startup community conference: Cleantech forEST.

SmartEST Tax conference theme for EU Presidency conference in 2017.

Siim Sikkut, CIO of Estonia, using -est concept in official e-Estonia presentation. 

Anna Piperal of e-Estonia showroom presenting 'the coolEST digital society.'

Team Inspr8ion with Arthur Dallau visiting Estonia showroom.

Arto Aas member of Estonian parliament ar about Estonia and its digital journey using formal EST presentation.  

People in the audience of FWD50 festival noticed and liked the EST-highlights of Siim Sikkut's presentation. 

Introducing the craziEST birthday celebration project for 100 years celebration.

EV100 campaign promotion by Viive Aasma to invite Estonians from all over the world to send in their pictures.

100 EST photos related to Estonia are created for 100 years celebration: 

100 EST photos related to Estonia are created for 100 years celebration: 

100 EST photos related to Estonia are created for 100 years celebration. 

100 EST photos related to Estonia are created for 100 years celebration.  

100 EST photos related to Estonia are created for 100 years celebration.
More below and on promotion for web development agency.

LeanEst ICT company for optimizing manufacturing plants, workforce planning and software development.

MooMoo sports equipment manufacturer uses EST concept.

MooMoo sports equipment manufacturer uses EST concept.

Moomoo also has EST socks for the sportive enthusiast.

Monton has created Olympic collection VadabusEST = freedom inspired.

The Estonian skiing team Haanja uses 'estonishing sports' hat for their athletes.

VIKS, the Estonian bike manufacturer uses one of my* original EST-designs in their Facebook promotion.

Be my guEST loyalty idea was picked up too, multiple times.

Exposition in Bruxelles, Belgium BEL:EST showing cooperation of Belgian and Estonian architects. 

Tartu real estate company named EST Kinnisvara designed by Marko Saue.

The woodEST is an ergonomical laptop stand from Estonia.

bEST poll result ever! Postimees asked its readers on their opinion of EST branding proposal:
95% said YES and more than 10.500 people participated. Wow!

Publication in text and images on of the concept 
PDF of presentation based on original Powerpoint concept
My linkedin: Peter Kentie

Media reactions, pages full in Estonia and international media
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